Success Stories

Books for Vlada Chirilov

Project description: Vlada is in her 9th grade and she is passionate of sport, healthy lifestyle and travelling. One of the key factors that helped her grow and do well in school is reading. Unfortunately, her small library does not allow her to pursue her passion. We helped Vlada extend her library with the following books:

– ”Pride and prejudice” by Jane Austen;
– ”Flowers for Algernon” by Daniel Keyes;
– ”Atomic habits” by James Clear; and
– ”The power of vulnerability” by Brene Brown.

Football costume for Damian Andreev

Damian is an eight years old child from Moldova. He is doing great at school and loves football since he was little. They are three children in the family and his parents could not afford to pay for his football subscription nor for a football costume. He asked us to make his dream come true. We could not resist and together with Impact Moldova volunteers made Damian’s dream come true. The smile on his face says it all. 

Offer a school backpack for a kid in Moldova

Eight pupils from Falesti (Moldova) dreamt to go to their first day of school with a backpack just like the others. We have decided to help these eight-year eager for knowledge pupils to achieve their little dream. All the supplies went to the Social Assistance Services Complex “Nufarul Alb” located in Falesti and we managed to collect all money in a matter of days. Our volunteers were telling them stories of successful kids just like them and how education played a huge role in achieving such success.

[August 2021 – September 2021]

One year of studying for Damian Spinei

Damian Spinei breaths and enjoys life through music and art. Damian participated in over 40 national and international competitions, winning top prizes and representing the traditional port and folklore over the world. In the future Damian intends to continue his master studies in Romania in this field and to bring back to life old songs, recording and promoting them, which are forgotten in the national archives of the Folklore Institute “Constantin Brailoiu” in Bucharest, thus becoming a true promoter of national culture.

[October 2021 - June 2022]

One year of studying for Vlada Mangir

Vlada Mangir, as a child learnt to fight for her dreams so at the age of 16 she went to the United States to spend an academic year there with the FLEX program. At the age of 17 she became part of the “Young European Ambassadors” initiative. The active involvement and academic dedication allowed her to have a positive impact in the society where she lives. Languages and, more recently, painting are passions that taught Vlada to look at things from a different angle. She likes to discover new cultures that inspire her to implement beautiful things at home

[October 2021 - June 2022]

One year of studying for Liudmila Hitiuc

Liudmila Hitiuc is an outstanding student at the faculty of journalism at Moldova State University. She is hardworking and has big dreams. Currently she is not able to work and study at the same time and she has to manage with the scholarship received from the university in the amount of 35 euro per month.

[October 2021 - June 2022]

One year of studying for Mihai Moglan

Starting from his 6th grade, Mihai Moglan has actively participated and won national and international competitions in physics, mathematics, computer science and chemistry. In 2017, he got the engineering spirit and curiosity, after which he started to create projects such as an intelligent car, an arcade cabinet from the ‘80s, a farming bot and others. Mihai has also founded a robotic club in the high school he was studying. Together with the robotic team they managed to win prestigious competitions in Moldova, Romania, Dubai and Mexico. Currently, Mihai continues to research the engineering field and would appreciate to receive the monthly allowances which would contribute both to his development as well as the development of the field he is exploring.

[October 2021 - June 2022]

“You study – We pay” supporting the education of five students in Moldova

Having seen the huge success of the previous project we have decided to organize a similar one for the year of study 2022. This time we have offered the opportunity to apply for the tuition cover for one year of studies or for the monthly allowance based on individual needs.

[September 2022 – May 2022]

Doina Utica

is one of our beneficiaries of the year 2022. She was awarded 50% of the tuition fee coverage for one year of studies and five books at her choice. Doina would love to explore the world of entrepreneurship once she finishes her studies and we cannot wait to see her succeed in this exciting field and reach for the stars

[September 2022 – May 2022]

Damian Spinei

is a beneficiary of the Impact Moldova scholarship for the second time. In 2021 he benefited from a monthly allowance of 100 euro during one year of studies and in 2022 we had fully covered his master’s studies in music for one year. Why did we decide to support him for another year? Because he has shown that he really loves what he does and is extremely dedicated and talented. It is a pleasure to support such students.

[September 2022 – May 2022]