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We want to create a future where every young person has equal opportunities and the necessary support to achieve their dreams and contribute to the development of a better society. Through the diversity of projects and by building strong connections between young people and the resources needed for success, we aim to inspire and transform the lives of young people, facilitating their access to education, mentoring, personal and professional development opportunities. We want to build a brighter and more prosperous future for our young people, a future in which they will be the protagonists of positive change in the world.

Carolina Dogaru - lawyer

Carolina is the person who brought Impact Moldova to life. Before becoming a lawyer in Luxembourg, she benefited from a scholarship that offered her the opportunity to continue her master's studies in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. She says that it was precisely during those moments that she realized how valuable external support is for a student. That's how she decided to create a foundation to support young people in the Republic of Moldova. Carolina shares with us a phrase that fully represents her: ”I enjoy savoring life in all its aspects: the good, the bad, the difficult, the easy. I believe in balance in everything!”

Cristina Axentii - coach​

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Calarasan Elena -student

This is Elena - volunteer Impact Moldova since this was only an idea. Elena said yes from the start and always excited to get involved and help. Why did she decide to get involved? Because the smile of a happy child is worth every effort, because there are no foreign children and because she wants to give a healthy example to her family and to the whole community through the power of her own deeds!

Gritco Nadejda-student​

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Vlad Burcă- IT specialist

He is the co-founder of a tech startup, providing software & services solutions. Vlad manages to combine his work with volunteering at Impact Moldova. Since joining our team, he has passionately taken on various responsibilities, making a significant contribution to shaping our brand identity. He made a significant contribution to the development of Impact Moldova's logo, SMM concept, and website design. His guiding motto for the past years - "You think big, you get big" - reflects his manner of viewing things from a broader perspective and setting long-term goals.

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